Judith E. Johnson, formerly Judith Johnson Sherwin


Judith E. Johnson is the author of eight volumes of poetry (the first of which, Uranium Poems, won the Yale Series of Younger Poets Prize, and the most recent two, The Ice Lizard, and Cities of Mathematics and Desire, were published by Sheep Meadow Press) and one of short fiction, The Life of Riot (Atheneum, 1970, reissued as The Fourth Annual Greater New York Revolving Door Crisis, 13th Moon Press). She served as President of The Poetry Society of America, and President of the Board of Associated Writing Programs, taught for many years at the State University of New York at Albany, and now, retired from full time teaching, lives in Bloomfield, New Jersey, with her cat, Kali. She has just completed a novel in linked stories, called A Tarot for My Country.

Issue 6:

  • from Eight Mean Songs
  • Three: The Starling’s Song
  • Seven: You Hip-Swishing Miniworld Don’t Cry

Note:  The two parts of Eight Mean Songs were included in volume three, Dead’s Good Company, of Johnson’s triptych: Waste, Countryman Press, 1979.

Issue 13:

  • [author photo]
  • Voyager

Note:  “Voyager” was included in Johnson’s book How the Dead Count, Norton, 1979.

Current copyright Judith E. Johnson, all rights reserved .

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