Fred Wolven


Fred Wolven writes, “Now retired from academic life, the teaching portion, and working on an international poetry journal (an ezine), Ann Arbor Review, I continue the quest for fashioning the just right poem, and gaining a better understanding of the enigma that is mine and which was the late Theodore Roethke’s own. After all, he once said, ‘What I love is near at hand.’ There is so much yet left to be explored; plus, as he noted, ‘Being, not doing, is my first joy.’ What with nature’s beauty all around, and my continuing to reach out and touch, feel and appreciate such, and still seeking to more fully define my identity, I write on, write on…. Just published The Cat Outside His Door: Poems After Roethke. Poem in issue # 2.

Issue 2/3:

  • Untitled Studies
    No. 5

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