Duane Locke


Duane Locke, Ph.D, lives hermetically in Tampa, Florida, near anhinga, gallinules, raccoons, and alligators.  He’s published 6,967 different poems, none self-published or paid to be published.  This includes 33 books of poems.  His latest book publications are Duane Locke: The First Decade, 1968-1978 (order from publisher Bitter Oleander Press or amazon.com); Yang Chu’s Poems (order from amazon.com); and Terrestrial Illuminations, First Selection (from Fowlpox Press).  Forthcoming in 2015:  Visions from Kind of Hurricane Press and Terrestrial Illuminations, Second Selection (Sorties) from Hidden Clearing Books.  Hundreds of his poems can be found by clicking Duane Locke on Google. He is a photographer of Surphotos and Nature and has had 545 photos published, some as book covers.  A book of 40 of his surphotos  has been published by Blaze Vox called Poetic Imprints: Responses to the Art of Duane Locke (2011), by Connie Stadler and Felino Soriano.  His paintings have been described in Gary Monroe’s Extraordinary Interpretations (2003) and are in many private collections and museums.  He is a student of philosophy; his favorites include Martin Heidegger, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Jacques Lacan,  Jacques Derrida, and Gilles Deleuze.

Issue 1:

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Issue 2/3:

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